I Know What You’re Doing This Summer


Can’t wait till this is released on July 21st!

Dan & Kenton review their summer media wish lists, going over all the movies, TV shows, music and books that they plan to consume over the next few months. Also, Kenton rants against the Winnipeg Parking Authority and Dan reminisces about the Barenaked Ladies.


Better Call Don Draper For That IPP Pitch!


The man in the Hathaway shirt. Is Mad Men’s Ken Cosgrove an homage to this classic ad?

Busy, busy week. Tons of awesome media to consume! In the Nerd News, Dan & Kenton talk Star Wars going digital as well as The Simpsons going exclusively digital. Winnipeg was in the news for a bunch of reasons: the BBC’s Red River Women, Louis C.K. and (of course) the Winnipeg Jets making the playoffs. The Nerds also discuss the return of Mad Men and the Better Call Saul season finale.

Also, the annual CreComm IPP Pitches are right around the corner. Dan & Kenton talk about what makes for a good pitch, and why rejection isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

Bert Cooper’s Technicolor Reading Rainbow

It’s funny where a conversation can take you. This week, Kenton and Dan fully intended to talk about the ongoing issue of Net Neutrality, and how it will affect the future media landscape.

But….they didn’t get to it.

Instead, there’s an interesting discussion about radio and television ratings, a wrap up for the first half of Mad Men season 7, Levar Burton’s Kickstarter campaign, and Dan wises Kenton up to one of the greatest WWII movies of all time.