Black Death and the Sausage Party

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Kenton says Orphan Black is “Degrassi with clones.” Dan just likes sausages.

Dan and Kenton travel to Barley Brothers to sample some awesome stouts, have a sausage party, and pregame for the One Direction concert (just kidding!) They also discuss Emmy noms, OITNB, Ernest Cline’s new novel and why Philadelphians don’t know what Star Wars is.

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The actual Black Death (beer) and The Sausage Party (food) at Barley Brothers on Pembina.

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Podcasting in public is fun!


Always Sometimes Gamers – PegJam 2015


Travel across the country to stop the love of your life from marrying the wrong guy in Always Sometimes Monsters.

It’s a full house in the Media Nerds Studios! Dan & Kenton welcome Dylan Fries of Electric Monk Media, Justin Amirkhani of Vagabond Dog, and the Super Gamer himself, Mark McAvoy of the Super Gamer podcast to talk about Winnipeg Game Jam and the state of video games in general.

For more information about Winnipeg Game Jam, and to play the games developed over the weekend, visit

And play Justin’s awesome 90s-style RPG Always Sometimes Monsters on Steam, Android or iOS:

Why is Sandler Still Successful?


Does anyone else see the Ghostbusters rip-off here?

This week  saw the trailer for Adam Sandler’s new video-game-invasion flick Pixels released across the Internet. While Dan & Kenton love the idea of 1980s video game characters coming to life, the minute Sandler and co-star Kevin James hit the screen, the Nerds are filled with feelings of despair and nausea. How do these guys still get to lead summer blockbusters after a string of just awful, AWFUL movies? The Nerds also talk about the new Age of Ultron trailer and the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront trailer. In the recommendations: YouTube and HBO. Cable TV truly is dead.

Live at Comic Con!

The Media Nerds join the rest of the Manitoba Podcast Network in the inaugural podcast from the Con. Dan & Kenton are joined by members of Comic Stack, the Critical Hit, and Super Gamer. The group  talks about (of course!) comics, video games, and what everyone is excited to see at C4 this weekend. Oh, and Wolverine makes an appearance as well.

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Video Game Videos

Last week on the podcast, I said that my children would rather watch YouTube videos over anything else, and I mean ANYTHING. Cartoons. Movies. Netflix. Mickey Mouse. Sesame Street. Adventure Time. Heck, even Pixar (the gold standard in children’s entertainment) doesn’t hold a candle to Best Cat Vines or Toby Turner branded videos.

Kenton was having a hard time wrapping his head around what exactly these videos are all about, so to enlighten him (and you) I have compiled a top five list of my kids’ (and my) favourite YouTubers.

5. Pewdiepie – Actually, this guy isn’t one of our favourites (GREAT start, Dan!) I include him in this list only because he is currently the #1 YouTuber in the world. He has more than 31 MILLION subscribers and averages around 15 million views per video. I like to think of Pewdiepie as an unexplained phenomenon, an unsolved mystery if you will. He’s not really my cup of tea, but teens love him. I just don’t get why he’s become so popular, so fast. YouTube stat-tracking website estimates that Pewdiepie makes up to 16 million dollars a year by posting goofy videos of himself playing video games online. Yeah.

Subscribers: 31,217,132

SocialBlade grade: A++

Plays: All kinds of stuff, but mostly known for horror-genre games. Lot’s of screaming involved here.


4. TobyGames – This second channel of Toby Turner (a.k.a. Tobuscus) was one of the first to jump aboard the “video game video” gravy train. There have been many imitators since he started by uploading Halo gameplay videos four years ago, but no one can duplicate Turner’s quick wit and voice acting ability. He’s one of my personal faves, someone I started watching back in 2009.

Subscribers: 6,840,342

SocialBlade grade: A

Plays: Lots of Minecraft, and usually takes on the big Xbox or PS4 titles as they’re released. Has found a cool, hilarious niche playing Happy Wheels.


3. The Diamond Minecart – My kids came across this young British lad while searching for Minecraft videos on YouTube, and he’s been a regular go-to ever since. Dan TDM (as he’s commonly known) is a regular Minecraft player, as his name implies. Mostly he focuses on playing mini-games against other players on his Minecraft server. Not particularly funny or witty, he’s as straight-ahead as it gets but does have considerable skill in this arena.

Subscribers: 3,818,479

Plays: Almost exclusively Minecraft, but has ventured into Spore and The Sims 4

SocialBlade grade: A


2. Stampylonghead – Another Brit, Stampy is my daughter’s favourite YouTuber and is known for his trademark greeting and infectious laugh. Stampy uploads a new Minecraft video every day, but does play other games as well. His signature series takes place in “Stampy’s Lovely World” and sees him undertake a number of adventures with his online crew. My kids absolutely adore him.

Subscribers: 3,908,369

Plays: Minecraft, Terraria, Disney Infinity, The Walking Dead. Lots of other stuff.

SocialBlade score: A


1. Ssundee – The consensus in my house is that Sundee is the bomb when is comes to Minecraft videos. His high-energy delivery and hilarious commentary provides entertainment for all ages, and he usually opens each video with a solid joke. Sundee concentrates almost solely on Minecraft mods, that is alterations or additions to the game’s core programming. He usually debuts a lot of new mods, and so has become somewhat of a news source for keen Minecrafters looking for the next big thing.

Subscribers: 3,288,392

Plays: Minecraft, Minecraft and more Minecraft

SocialBlade grade: A+


Non-Minecraft honourable mentions include HankGames, Zack ScottChuggaconroy and Game Society Pimps. There are others, but those are some of my favourites. These are guys who play video games for a living, every nerd’s dream.

After to speaking to other friends of mine with kids of similar age, it’s clear to me that this content is hugely popular with the under-10 crowd. As this generation grows up, I think we’ll see a massive shift in viewing habits away from traditional cable television to online platforms like YouTube and Netflix (it’s happening already!) I’m waiting for a TV network to jump on this bandwagon with video game play-along content of their own, or for these YouTubers to be featured on TV. We’ll see who jumps first.

– Dan

A Tangent on Television

This week, in a very scattered but entertaining way, Kenton & Dan talk about the TV season that was. Favourite shows and non-favourites; the good, the bad and the ugly (yeah, I know that’s a movie.) Also on the table for discussion: Broadway musicals, the Book of Gossage and the Prince of Wales (not some weird disgusting piercing, the actual Prince of Wales.)