Black Death and the Sausage Party

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Kenton says Orphan Black is “Degrassi with clones.” Dan just likes sausages.

Dan and Kenton travel to Barley Brothers to sample some awesome stouts, have a sausage party, and pregame for the One Direction concert (just kidding!) They also discuss Emmy noms, OITNB, Ernest Cline’s new novel and why Philadelphians don’t know what Star Wars is.

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The actual Black Death (beer) and The Sausage Party (food) at Barley Brothers on Pembina.

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Podcasting in public is fun!


Best & Worst of 2014!


Edge of Tomorrow – best movie of 2014?


Famed Couch Potato Brett Megarry joins Kenton and Dan for the final show of the year to talk about his favorite movies and TV shows. Brett co-hosts the All News Drive on Winnipeg’s 680 CJOB and is one half of the illustrious Couch Potatoes, a weekly radio talk show that features news and reviews off all the top media properties. The consensus: it was a great year for entertainment, but 2015 is going to be even better! (ageofultronstarwarsageofultronstarwars…)

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Dead Spoilers Walking

Dan & Kenton engage in a spoiler-filled discussion about The Walking Dead mid-season finale, and about the series in general. In Nerd News they talk about the newly-announced Bond film, Spectre. And yes, Star Wars does work its way back into the podcast once again. I have a feeling that’ll happen quite a bit over the next year…

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Episode 4 – Televolution

Kenton and Dan have been on a bit of a TV kick lately. Ok ok, its been a lot of a TV kick. It’s been Apple TV in episodes 1 and 2, Late Night in episode 3, and not a week has gone by that they haven’t discussed Netflix in great detail. You’re probably starting to feel like they’re beating a dead horse. But the horse isn’t dead quite yet, despite how much the networks and cable companies are trying to kill it. Television is still very much alive and it’s evolving towards something very cool. It’s just a matter of how long it’ll take to get there.

And here’s Kevin Spacey with the speech that kicks off the discussion: