#ForceFriday! (Star Wars Nerds Ep. 1)


Dan & Kenton celebrate #ForceFriday by talking about all the awesome Star Wars toys they bought for themselves (yes, two grown men bought toys, that’s how we roll). They also discuss this new podcast and what they hope to achieve with it!


“We Are The Knights Who Say ‘Ren’!”


Kenton explored every pixel of this new shot from The Force Awakens international trailer. Where’s Waldo?

The Nerds are back in studio this week to finally talk about Ant-Man, a possible Media Nerds music club, more layoffs at Corus Radio, and all the nerd-gasmic Star Wars news that came out this week. Only four months to go!

Sports, Star Wars & Julie Chen

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 10.52.27 AM

You know things are rough for the CBC when “real” journalists have to cover sports…

What do those three things have in common? This podcast, of course! Dan & Kenton discuss the validity of sports journalism vs. “real” journalism, including its lack of objectivity at a local level. Then, it all comes back to that glorious Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. The Nerds share the new details they’ve noticed, now that they’ve had 24 hours to absorb the awesomeness.

Super Spielberg Star Wars Troopers


Dan & Kenton run the gamut of Nerd News after a busy week and a ton of great response to Monday’s “death of print journalism” discussion. In the recommendations, Kenton’s a local sports fan and Dan recommends that people NOT watch something.

Todays Stories:

Super Troopers 2 IndieGoGo campaign – http://bit.ly/1Gxfqll

Spielberg to Direct Ready Player One – http://bit.ly/1CgILxl

New Star Wars novels – http://bit.ly/1CU7Qjl

Facebook Video now embeddable –  http://tcrn.ch/1H5VnIw

Google wants to change TV advertising forever – http://bit.ly/1CgJ3nH

Dead Spoilers Walking

Dan & Kenton engage in a spoiler-filled discussion about The Walking Dead mid-season finale, and about the series in general. In Nerd News they talk about the newly-announced Bond film, Spectre. And yes, Star Wars does work its way back into the podcast once again. I have a feeling that’ll happen quite a bit over the next year…

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