The Apple Colbert Report

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Colbert’s Trump/Oreo bit was the funniest thing on the Late Show premiere Monday.

The Media Nerds began this week excited about Stephen Colbert’s return to television, but was the excitement warranted? And finally, Apple delivers the set-top box Kenton & Dan have been talking about for years.


Our Moment of Zen (Episode 100!)


Jon Stewart signs off of The Daily Show for the final time, August 6, 2015.

Dan & Kenton completely forget (while recording) that this is the one hundredth episode of this podcast! Holy shit! They do remember to talk about the Deadpool trailer, the failure of Fantastic Four, and (of course) Jon Stewart’s final episode of the Daily Show.

Colbert is Dead, Long Live Colbert!


Kenton & Dan meet up with Colbert uber fan Sharilyn Johnson once again to talk about her new book, Bears & Balls: The Colbert Report A-Z. The Nerds┬ámourn the death of the Report over a few pints at the Kings Head Pub while Sharilyn recounts tales from her seeing 13 tapings of the show and meeting Stephen Colbert on several occasions. Stay tuned for special “bonus content” at the end!

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