Super Spielberg Star Wars Troopers


Dan & Kenton run the gamut of Nerd News after a busy week and a ton of great response to Monday’s “death of print journalism” discussion. In the recommendations, Kenton’s a local sports fan and Dan recommends that people NOT watch something.

Todays Stories:

Super Troopers 2 IndieGoGo campaign –

Spielberg to Direct Ready Player One –

New Star Wars novels –

Facebook Video now embeddable –

Google wants to change TV advertising forever –


Newsroom Ghost Dad!

ghost dad
With the series finale coming up this Sunday, Dan finally admits that HBO’s The Newsroom is. Just. Awful. To Kenton, it’s like a bad car wreck – he can’t look away! Plus, the nerds review the new Mad Max trailer, discuss #Sonyhack, and pledge to re-watch the entire Star Wars saga over the holiday break.

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Live at Carbone, it’s the Media Nerds!

This week, the Media Nerds venture out from their dank, dark studio to record the podcast somewhere different! Kenton & Dan travel to Carbone Coal Fired Pizza in downtown Winnipeg to drink beer, eat some awesome pizza and wings, and of course discuss the media news. Topics covered this week include: the World Cup, the new Amazon phone, the epic Game of Thrones finale, and whether Dan can set up a microphone properly (spoiler alert – he can’t.)



A Tangent on Television

This week, in a very scattered but entertaining way, Kenton & Dan talk about the TV season that was. Favourite shows and non-favourites; the good, the bad and the ugly (yeah, I know that’s a movie.) Also on the table for discussion: Broadway musicals, the Book of Gossage and the Prince of Wales (not some weird disgusting piercing, the actual Prince of Wales.)


Craig Ferguson leaves late night for Star Wars?

No no, that’s not true at all. We’re just trying to find a title relevant to the content of the episode, NOT start new rumours surrounding the Star Wars cast announcements and Ferguson leaving the Late Late Show, both of which were announced on Monday.


Kenton & Dan talk about all of this of course, along with a new app, Monty Python and the ill-fated E.T. Atari video game.

It’s a Nerd News extravaganza!