Television: The Drug of a Nation


Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Andy Samberg is this year’s Emmy scapegoa-er, host.

Dan & Kenton gear up for the new TV season by running down their fave and not-so-fave new & returning shows. Then, the Nerds make their Emmy picks. Spoiler alert: Kenton predicts a disastrous hosting job by Andy Samberg


#SaveHannibal (aka Another Stellar Week For NBC)


Here’s hoping Hannibal can continue to dine on another platform…

Brian Williams returns? Hannibal leaves? NBC seems to be adding to it’s long list of bad decisions. Kenton & Dan talk about the irony of such a good show being cancelled prematurely, as well as Obama’s appearance on WTF, why Jurassic World is still a shitty movie, and the Canadian stereotypes of Tusk.


Show notes:

00:22 – Police chopper broadcasts “blowjob” conversation

02:22 – Kenton saw Tusk and was thoroughly disgusted (spoilers)

11:20 – Weekend box office numbers are bullshit; Jurassic World still sucks

17:00 – Maclean’s is the foremost authority on racism in Canada

22:00 – Obama uses the “n-word” on WTF

29:15 – BIG tangent on gun control in the United States

36:00 – Brian Williams is back!

44:15 – Hannibal is dead, long live Hannibal! (spoilers)

1:06:50 – Media recommendations for the week

Episode 4 – Televolution

Kenton and Dan have been on a bit of a TV kick lately. Ok ok, its been a lot of a TV kick. It’s been Apple TV in episodes 1 and 2, Late Night in episode 3, and not a week has gone by that they haven’t discussed Netflix in great detail. You’re probably starting to feel like they’re beating a dead horse. But the horse isn’t dead quite yet, despite how much the networks and cable companies are trying to kill it. Television is still very much alive and it’s evolving towards something very cool. It’s just a matter of how long it’ll take to get there.

And here’s Kevin Spacey with the speech that kicks off the discussion: