Television: The Drug of a Nation


Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Andy Samberg is this year’s Emmy scapegoa-er, host.

Dan & Kenton gear up for the new TV season by running down their fave and not-so-fave new & returning shows. Then, the Nerds make their Emmy picks. Spoiler alert: Kenton predicts a disastrous hosting job by Andy Samberg



The trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron leaked this week, and Dan & Kenton react with appropriate *Squee*. Plus: hoverboards, Google takes over the world, and somehow it all comes back around to Star Wars.

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And in case you somehow missed said trailer, enjoy!

“Naming episodes with quotes, just like the Amazing Race.”

It’s a free-for-all on this week’s Media Nerds. Neither Kenton nor Dan come to the podcast with an agenda – not even a hidden one! The conversation jumps around a bit, but features the iPhone 6, #bendgate, Canadian reality TV, comic book TV and some 80s music icons making their triumphant return to greatness.

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