The trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron leaked this week, and Dan & Kenton react with appropriate *Squee*. Plus: hoverboards, Google takes over the world, and somehow it all comes back around to Star Wars.

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And in case you somehow missed said trailer, enjoy!


Spoiling Star Wars (50th Episode!)

A big spoiler has  “leaked” from the set of Episode VII, and this week Kenton & Dan drill down to determine whether or not it could be true. Plus, a successful Facebook campaign grows the Media Nerds community in time for the 50th episode and Kenton watched a whole bunch of music movies.

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Live at Carbone, it’s the Media Nerds!

This week, the Media Nerds venture out from their dank, dark studio to record the podcast somewhere different! Kenton & Dan travel to Carbone Coal Fired Pizza in downtown Winnipeg to drink beer, eat some awesome pizza and wings, and of course discuss the media news. Topics covered this week include: the World Cup, the new Amazon phone, the epic Game of Thrones finale, and whether Dan can set up a microphone properly (spoiler alert – he can’t.)



Episode 4 – Televolution

Kenton and Dan have been on a bit of a TV kick lately. Ok ok, its been a lot of a TV kick. It’s been Apple TV in episodes 1 and 2, Late Night in episode 3, and not a week has gone by that they haven’t discussed Netflix in great detail. You’re probably starting to feel like they’re beating a dead horse. But the horse isn’t dead quite yet, despite how much the networks and cable companies are trying to kill it. Television is still very much alive and it’s evolving towards something very cool. It’s just a matter of how long it’ll take to get there.

And here’s Kevin Spacey with the speech that kicks off the discussion: