The Apple Colbert Report

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Colbert’s Trump/Oreo bit was the funniest thing on the Late Show premiere Monday.

The Media Nerds began this week excited about Stephen Colbert’s return to television, but was the excitement warranted? And finally, Apple delivers the set-top box Kenton & Dan have been talking about for years.


IPP Expo, Apple Watch & How to Market a Podcast

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It’s that time of year again, time to shell out $10K for a magic watch! Just kidding, it’s actually IPP presentation time! CreComm students are showing off their Independent Professional Projects, and Kenton & Dan are all presented out. But it’s a good time to reflect on how well the Nerds are doing on their own ongoing IPP, this podcast. Plus, awesome Star Wars news, more cable company fuckery, and what they really think of the Apple Watch.

Episode 4 – Televolution

Kenton and Dan have been on a bit of a TV kick lately. Ok ok, its been a lot of a TV kick. It’s been Apple TV in episodes 1 and 2, Late Night in episode 3, and not a week has gone by that they haven’t discussed Netflix in great detail. You’re probably starting to feel like they’re beating a dead horse. But the horse isn’t dead quite yet, despite how much the networks and cable companies are trying to kill it. Television is still very much alive and it’s evolving towards something very cool. It’s just a matter of how long it’ll take to get there.

And here’s Kevin Spacey with the speech that kicks off the discussion: