End Of An Era For Talk Radio

Charles Adler announced this week that he will be leaving 680 CJOB and moving to B.C. His final show will be Friday, August 7th. (Image: cjob.com

Charles Adler announced this week that he will be leaving 680 CJOB and moving to B.C. His final show will be Friday, August 7th. (image: cjob.com)

As talk radio legend Charles Adler gets ready to leave the Winnipeg airwaves for good, Dan & Kenton re-visit their discussion about what the future of the radio industry should look and sound like. Also, Kenton finally gives up on True Detective while Dan goes clear on Scientology.


Black Death and the Sausage Party

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 5.56.19 PM

Kenton says Orphan Black is “Degrassi with clones.” Dan just likes sausages.

Dan and Kenton travel to Barley Brothers to sample some awesome stouts, have a sausage party, and pregame for the One Direction concert (just kidding!) They also discuss Emmy noms, OITNB, Ernest Cline’s new novel and why Philadelphians don’t know what Star Wars is.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 5.56.40 PM

The actual Black Death (beer) and The Sausage Party (food) at Barley Brothers on Pembina.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 5.57.03 PM

Podcasting in public is fun!

Ode to the meter reader

There is a fellow dressed in yellow
Who creeps around all day
While others work, he’s the jerk
Who tows their cars away

From far and wide, the people hide
When e’er he comes around
For they all know, his wont’s to go
And ticket all he’s found

What makes this fellow dressed in yellow
Ply his nasty trade?
What makes this jerk make his life’s work
To make good folks afraid?

With my resolve, I tried to solve
The riddles posed above
So I asked the reader at my meter
Where ’twas that he got off

To my surprise, his yellow eyes
Were actually dead and grey
His ticket stack was damp and whack
His waistline curds and whey

Are you the jerk whose nasty work
Makes men cry in their beds?
Are you the ass whose smelly gas
Makes children shake with dread?

And then the fellow dressed in yellow
For a moment scratched his head
Looked to the sky tho’ wondering why
Then the bastard turned yellow and fled.

Return of the Chocolate Milk and #LoveWins!


Dan’s son Jack returns to the podcast to slurp more chocolate milk and celebrate the end of the school year. Meanwhile Kenton & Dan discuss CBC Radio’s failure at selling ads, Marc Maron’s follow up episode to the Presidential interview, the #SCOTUS landmark decision on gay marriage, and is the new season of True Detective really that bad? Kenton says no.

#SaveHannibal (aka Another Stellar Week For NBC)


Here’s hoping Hannibal can continue to dine on another platform…

Brian Williams returns? Hannibal leaves? NBC seems to be adding to it’s long list of bad decisions. Kenton & Dan talk about the irony of such a good show being cancelled prematurely, as well as Obama’s appearance on WTF, why Jurassic World is still a shitty movie, and the Canadian stereotypes of Tusk.


Show notes:

00:22 – Police chopper broadcasts “blowjob” conversation

02:22 – Kenton saw Tusk and was thoroughly disgusted (spoilers)

11:20 – Weekend box office numbers are bullshit; Jurassic World still sucks

17:00 – Maclean’s is the foremost authority on racism in Canada

22:00 – Obama uses the “n-word” on WTF

29:15 – BIG tangent on gun control in the United States

36:00 – Brian Williams is back!

44:15 – Hannibal is dead, long live Hannibal! (spoilers)

1:06:50 – Media recommendations for the week