Kenton and Dan. Dan and Kenton. Two peas in a movie/TV/Internet/video game/iPhone/social media-filled pod, or rather – podCAST.

Every week the conversation ranges from Star Wars to Breaking Bad, Google AdWords to Instagram vs. Vine. No media will be left untouched, they consume it all.

Take a listen and join the discussion. Tweet @kentonlarsen to let him know what you think (criticism only, please!) while @danvadeboncoeur is happy to accept all praise.


One thought on “About

  1. Hello my name is Sophia Chester and I’ve written a reto-future sci-fi novella called “Cosmic Callisto Caprica & The missing Rings Of Saturn.” The star of my story is a young sixteen year old African American girl named Cosmo. Cosmo loves to travel across the galaxies solving mysteries in her flying saucer. For her first mystery Cosmo is going to investigate a robbery that took place on a luxury space station know as The Titian. I’m going to kickstart my sci-fi novella on July 1st. I have a two chapter sample of my novella that’s ready for review and I also have a mic of my own. I don’t know if you allow guest on your podcast but I’m available for that as well. For more information follow my project on Facebook. http://https://www.facebook.com/CosmicCallistoCaprica

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